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Meet Occult expert Bipakshi Ghosh

We Have 5 Years of EXPERIENCE

DR. Bipakshi Ghosh is an intuitive energy healer, numerologist and Vastu expert practising successfully in the occult field. She began her journey in the early years of childhood. She had always felt the vibration of the nature and connect with nature in all forms. Since her childhood she has been able to understand and use the abundance of energy and vibration that nature has provided us.In this journey, she found ways that are logical, practical and easy for people to follow, available in nature to live a successful life. She believes in facts that show real results in the real world and energy of nature and numbers are with us since the day we are born. Right use and a little tweak, in the vibration and energy of nature and numbers, can help us live a prosperous life.  So after rigorous meditation and creating connect with the universe, she have been able to be a helping hand to hundreds of life, spreading smiles and creating success.

In the past years she has been producing best results with Numerology, Vastu, Energy healing and Angel Card Reading. She has been constantly contributing in resolving different aspects of life like: Relationship I Marital Issues I Health I Healing Disease I Career I Abundance

She is able to create happiness in hundreds of client’s life as she believes in creating harmony by treating and paying special attention to all aspects of life leaving no stones unturned.

Using effective techniques and enormous experience she provides very simple remedies that produces effective results. Most importantly, she believes in confidentiality of clients hence do not believe is sharing client details or publishing it.

About Bipakshi