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Elemental Healing

Aura is an energy shell that protects us from the impact of negative energies around us. However aura have a characteristic, that whenever you come in contact with someone or place where the aura is low, it will take the energies from you, as a result of which you feel low. On the other hand, if you meet a person or go to a place where the aura is high, you feel joyful and peaceful. You mood uplifts in no time, like when you visit a temple or a clean environment place. Nature always have positive aura so we feel good when we look at the moon, walk by the wood, seat beside a stream.

In today’s environment, we meet different people and have to face the harsh environment so our aura gets polluted due to which we lose attraction. A person with strong positive aura are good speakers as people listen to them, as it is the characteristic of everyone’s aura to be near some who has an aura stronger than us. While Chakra Balancing, I offer my clients chakra balancing healing and also techniques to lock the aura, so that the energy do not get drained out Space when you live plays a vital role in your life, so as important it is to maintain your aura, so is to keep a positive aura at your home and work place. Good aura in an office also attract clients