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Signs that your soul is asking for spiritual healing:

Your soul carries the imprints of all the events that you have experienced through your current and lives of the past. Whatever birth you may have taken, brings along the traits while you are born as a human. If you look deeply inside you and has done some meditation in your lifetime, you will possess the quality of hearing to your inner self and you will realize that there are deep rooted imprints of your past life within you that makes you a unique human being with both positive and negative traits. Why it so happens that certain characteristics are predominant in you and some other qualities appears to be more obvious in others. Have you felt that some people have a charismatic personality in spite of their color, race or nationality or for a matter of fact even education? A person not enough educated however grabs the attention to people around while they speak. These are nothing but the imprint that you carry in your inner soul. You soul is self-sufficient and knows the real you, however in today’s world we have covered our soul with sufficient layers that no one can see it and the basic reason behind this is insecurity, which eventually leads to a unsuccessful life in all spheres, finance, relationship, health etc. I will cover this topic in a separate article as it would lose the essence if not discussed in details.

So taking about the different layers, when the layers overpowers the power of your soul; your soul calls for help and healing by sending different signs physically and emotionally. You may have noticed that experiences of life repeat itself in different forms.

You feel emotionally trapped, you even end up living in toxic relationship and somehow even if you manage to overcome the relationship, you attract the same kind of relation again in your life that feels good initially and eventually turns out to be the same and we say everyone is same and no one is real. Here we need to understand that the problem lies within and not externally. Here the soul is calling for help, to heal from within and trying to communicate with you that you are self-sufficient. Emotional balance is a inside thing and should not be a reflection of outside environment. When you choose to get healed, you choose to be happy within and attract happiness.

Many of you will even be able to relate to the fact of physical signs, for example you manage to lose weight after lot of dedication and hard work and after sometime it boomerangs and the cycle go on, as your thought has an imprint of fear of letting thing go away, fear of losing. When you overcome fear, you shed those extra pounds automatically, hence it is said boost your metabolism. Spiritually your metabolism is controlled by the fire element of your body and which is the element of the solar plexus chakra that also denotes courage. Everything is linked and your body sends signals to heal yourself. You just need to hear yourself and life becomes miraculously beautiful.

There are several signs that your body and mind sends when you need to heal yourself like feeling unhappy, incomplete, no decisive power, stuck finances, depression, addiction, insomnia etc. You can overcome the suffering of your life. There are techniques that are familiar to your body.

Silence is the key to hear to your inner self. Like I always say: EVERYTHING LIES WITHIN YOU; LET ME HELP YOU DISCOVER YOU.