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The Untold fact of the energy centers in our body! Is it sufficient to do only chakra mediation?

CHAKRA’S……….. The energy centers of our body that is responsible to control our body, mind and life. Everyone today is talking about balancing the chakra’s and different type of meditations are available to activate and balance the chakras, which is indeed important. However, do we really understand out energy center and why they are placed in this order and how are they interlinked.

ROOT CHAKRA, the first energy center. It is of the element earth and earth provides stability and grounding. Imbalance in this chakra creates fear. This results into instability. First sign that it gives is through your body. What keeps your body stable? Your bones and you start facing issues with bones, joint pain and spondylitis or even if no evident sign, you may not be able to stand or sit long without a support on your back. Once you are able to overcome the fear, you balance your root chakra and stability comes to all aspects of your life and you are grounded. You become capable to taking fearless and stable decision that is best for you which eventually impact your second energy center.

SACRAL CHAKRA, the second energy center. It is of the element water and water is life as it provides nourishment to all. Without water there is no creation and hence this chakra when activated builds your creative power, be it creative idea or reproduction. Blockage in this chakra is due to guilt. We need to forgive ourselves to be able to activate this chakra. Once we overcome our guilt, great ideas will flow. In our body, the job of providing nourishment to each cells and organs in done by the blood and hence when this chakra is imbalanced it lead to blood related issues in human body, especially females are affected by menstruation problem. As it is the chakra for creation hence it also regulates our reproductive organs. So you see, how once fear is eliminated in our life we start getting creative ideas. Now once we have figured out the idea, we need to take it to action which is taken care by the third energy center.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, the third energy center. It is of the element fire and fire is all about action. This chakra is blocked due to shame and activated by willpower. Imbalance in this chakra, slows your metabolism and hence effecting our health, lowering down the energy level. Also, lack of fire element in the body makes your more of a thinker than a doer and to achieve the end result of any project it is important to make the project practically successful and take it out of the blueprint, likewise thoughts which are acted upon produces results. Which is why in yoga, Surya Namaskara is given special important as it activates the ‘Agni’ within you. Now, in the project of making a successful life, increase the will power and move on towards a successful life.

These were the lower three chakras that are connected to the earthly pleasures, which is important to live a happy life. Once we have conquered the earthly pleasure, it’s time to give back to the society and show compassion where the heart chakra come into picture.

HEART CHAKRA, the fourth energy center, activated by selfless love and blocked by grief. The element of this chakra is Air, hence it is very important to use it like a breeze and not a storm. Air being the element, what emotion you create in your chakra will spread and bring you back the same. Being compassionate towards every creature, is what can activate this chakra and this will create a sense of giving within you that makes you blissful from within.

THROAT CHAKRA, the fifth energy center is activated by truth. The element of this chakra is space and space is endless, and it symbolizes that truth has no end and once you symbolize the idealism of truth in your life you become immortal in the thoughts of people.

Sixth and Seventh energy centers are divine chakras that connects you to the cosmic energies.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA, the sixth energy center, blocked by illusion and activated by wisdom and eventually takes you to the seventh energy center that is the

CROWN CHAKRA, a connection to the cosmic energy, when you have complete control over thoughts and actions.

So, you see now how all the chakras are connected to each other and has been placed beautifully in an order. Everything has a meaning when they say, the energy rises. You start from the bottom chakra to the higher chakras. With every chakra, not only the energy rise, your values and morals rises, your quality of life rise, you get a purpose of life and ultimately moksha.

It is stupendous to see that more and more people are getting aware of the spiritual being inside everyone however there are lot of confusion amongst people due to lack of proper information.

Just like without washing a vessel, we do not keep fresh food, in the same vessel, likewise without cleansing the energy paths, we cannot send pure energy to the energy centers. It can turn out to be harmful. Hence it is very important to get the proper techniques when working with the chakras. We teach you to clean the energy paths, nadis and the energy centers through age old ancient proven techniques and then fill it with pure energies. This is a complete solution to heal all the aspects of your life.